“Life”time Movie

Sometimes I wish someone could follow me around with a video camera just to catch the amazing or funny and sometimes dumb things I say and/or do. Then at the end of my life they could make a movie montage of my life. This is pretty much how I see my life anyways. I’m pretty sure I’m not even present for most of my life, so cut to the chase and show all the meaningful moments.  Even some of the simple joys, I see as like a quick series of shots with some kind of hippie music playing in the background. If someone could just video it the way I see in my head, I’d be able to remember everything I need to for the rest of my life! Ah, if only life were like in the movies and everything were resolved in a couple hours. Such is life.

Road Trip?

I’ve never taken a real honest to goodness road trip, though it is on my list of things to do before I die.  I have however spent a great deal of time driving great distances to get from one place to another.  (this is different from a road trip in that on a road trip you don’t necessarily have a set place and time to be).  In these travels I’ve seen some pretty interesting things (interesting to me anyways).  For instance, off of I-75 somewhere in the Ocala, FL area there is a city called Howie-in-the-Hills, FL.  Imagine having to write that out on an envelope.  It would be even worse if you lived off of Walk in-the-Water Rd (which is actually somewhere off of State Road 60).  I don’t know why these things amuse me, but they do.  They give me a little giggle on my otherwise long and painfully boring drives.  Hopefully one day I will put the nearly 20,000 miles a year I drive to good use and take a real road trip!

You are What You Eat

You know the old saying “you are what you eat”? Well what if the reverse were true-“you eat what you are”.  I think you can tell a lot about a person by how and what they eat.  For example, for breakfast I usually eat either cookies and coffee (I’m Italian) or a bagel with cream cheese (I’m Jew-ish). Sometimes I have orange juice (I have a weak immune system).  Sometimes I don’t eat breakfast at all (I’m very busy!) and sometimes I eat it at 3 a.m. (I party as hard as I work).  See what you can learn just by observing people?Pay more attention to people, you’d be surprised some of the things you learn just by observing!

Life is like a Country Song

So I’ve always used poetry and songs to describe my life at any given time. I listen to a lot of country, but I feel like those are the songs that ring truest to anyone’s life, because that’s what they are about.  The songs below are the ones that most desrcibe my life right now…. I think it would be more fun for you to listen to them than read a bunch of babel from me- dontcha think?

Even if you don’t care for country, check them out! The lyrics are really good and so are some of the videos. I know some of you swing kids will appreciate a couple of ’em.

This is a new one that really fits (just change the word “women” to “men”, haha!)

This is another new one I really like, I know all to well the “I don’t love yous” that really mean you do…

These are standbys, that pretty much always describe my life…

Home is… where the Heart is?

previously posted on livejournal, July 07, 2010

You know the old saying “Home is Where the Heart Is”? Well I’m getting really confused then as to where my home is. I’ve put a lot of time and money into my house, and yet I can’t stand to be in it. My heart is certainly not back with my parents because, while I love them to death, I hate most everything else about that town. Not to mention that my “home” was never really there either. I’d like to think my home is with you, since my heart certainly is, but half the time we’re together I think about everything else I have to do. Perhaps the problem is that my heart is in too many places to ever really feel at home? And all I know is that if I’m gonna be sitting around doing nothing anyways, I’d rather sit around and do nothing with you. Of course I’d also love to do EVERYTHING with you, if only we could. I don’t know what else to do. I would ask that everyone who has a piece of my heart return it please, but I already know that it’s so damaged it wouldn’t even help. I fear I will never really belong anywhere in this world.

Hello world!

I started this blog in hopes that it will be more popular than my previous attempts at blogging. But I also realize it’s less private than my live journal, so I will probably still keep that up.  Also, I like the fact that I can design it like my own website (way better than myspace!). I used to have a website with all my poems and artwork on it.  That is what I intend to do with this. Although, bare with me as I slowly get all my poems up and figure out how to format them (hey, I’ve got 10 years worth of ’em to post!).  I hope that this site will reflect me better than any other of my previous sites (save maybe my facebook, but that’s been over run with posts from Farmville, lol!).

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