Life is like a Country Song

So I’ve always used poetry and songs to describe my life at any given time. I listen to a lot of country, but I feel like those are the songs that ring truest to anyone’s life, because that’s what they are about.  The songs below are the ones that most desrcibe my life right now…. I think it would be more fun for you to listen to them than read a bunch of babel from me- dontcha think?

Even if you don’t care for country, check them out! The lyrics are really good and so are some of the videos. I know some of you swing kids will appreciate a couple of ’em.

This is a new one that really fits (just change the word “women” to “men”, haha!)

This is another new one I really like, I know all to well the “I don’t love yous” that really mean you do…

These are standbys, that pretty much always describe my life…


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  1. Ant
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 00:49:25

    Well, I’ve read more poetry than most, but a lot less than those who truly enjoy it. I enjoy the word play and hidden/layered meanings. But you see, for me it’s a geeky thing and not a passion thing.

    As for your music, you already know I don’t listen to much. I especially don’t listen to country. I can see the allure of it to people who listen to the lyrics and find a release, a relief, a commiseration, or hope. But as for me, it just doesn’t work like that. I guess the songs about hard times ring a bell for me ( I did listen to and read the lyrics to all the songs you posted), but everything about love, lost love, and relationships just flies over my head.

    Life as an almost-hermit, for better or for worse, has left me mostly immune to Country 🙂


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