The Roof is on Fire…

C’mon, you all know the song!

“The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We know need no water let that motha-f**ka burn! Burn motha-f**ka!”

Every disgruntled employees dream-  yesterday after I left work, it caught on fire.  Well, sort of.  Since we live in Florida, and don’t use our heating systems but two weeks of the year, they tend to collect a lot of dust and stuff.  Well when you turn the heat up to high temperatures, all that collected dust and such burns.  And emits A LOT of smoke.  And blows ashes out through the vents.  Unfortunately, firemen and a not too bright HVAC crew were able to get the place back up and running and open a mere couple hours later.  O, did I say UNfortunately? Freudian slip.  I guess it can’t burn down while I’m still broke anyways.  And no one was hurt, so yay!

True story.

I always miss the exciting stuff.  O well, another day, another dollar!


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