Save Game?

Ok, so I am probably reaching an all new level of geek/nerd with this, buuuutttt……

I was playing Mario Galaxy on my Wii and it was bugging me that every time you turn off the console and turn it back on again, you default to having four lives, even if you saved your game last with 18 lives.  This annoys me.  And it got me thinking; how did games back in the day save your progress? I’m talking original Nintendo and Super Nintendo.  I remember some games gave you a code to enter nest time you play.  I assume this was essentially a shortcut to cut to the part of the programming that let you start at that level.  Was this randomized? Or could someone essentially post all the codes on the internet and essentially allow you to backdoor your way into any point in the game?  A lot of games simply didn’t save progress at all.  I remember you had to just pause the console and turn off your t.v. if you had something else to do, and then un-pause it when you could resume game play.  Kids today would probably laugh at this idea! As far as I know, NES and SNES were both read-only devices and did not contain hard drives to store game data.  I think this first came with N64 and the controller memory packs.  Funny the progress we’ve seen in a mere quarter-century or so.  Anyways, this was just something that was bothering me; food for thought.

Unoriginal Name

Apparently my blog does not have the most original name….

There’s another blog with said name… here

There’s a photo studio with said name… here

And a page with a nice quote from Grumpy Old Menhere

As a matter of fact, my blog does not even show up in the first 15 pages (I stopped looking after that) if you google “Life Happens”.  How sad for me:(  Perhaps I need a more original title. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment!

Another Musical Interlude

I figure it’s a new month, time for another edition of “my life in song”.  By life has been, I wouldn’t say ‘depressing’, but definitely not so glamorous lately (as if it ever was!) In any case, it’s been a very “country song” couple of weeks, so all my theme songs for the moment are back to being country.  If you don’t like country, just check out the lyrics.

4.  I’d forgotten this song til I heard it on the radio the other day…. I have on several occasions gotten many ‘props’ for my ability to drink whiskey straight… and drink the boys under the table ;p

3.  I have worked all but two days in the past three weeks, and managed to go out a few times a week still 😉  The harder I work, the more I can afford to party 🙂

2. I’ve always loved Miranda Lambert because she is the punk of country:)  I love the beginning and end of this song “I’ve got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like a Hallmark card” and “I’ll keep drinkin and you’ll keep gettin skinnier…” Haha! Love it! So me!  Also a cute video:)

1. Ok, it’s hard to find an actual Eagles video of this song, but this version is not bad.  The video has cool animation, that looks like the Sims dancing.  I like Sims and I like dancing.  And I won’t let anybody love me.  So perfect.

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