Racist much?

The most rediculous thing happened at work tonight. For those of you who don’t know, I work at a fairly popular restaurant chain.  Tonight, I had a table of two black ladies, a black guy, and a white lady with a baby.  I took all their drink and food orders and brought their food out.  I check to see if they need anything a few times, then I have my trainee bring them some to-go boxes.  One of the black ladies asks my trainee “why you serve the white girl first?”  First, let me state that that is a direct quote.  Secondly, I wish I had been closer to answer ” a) She didn’t serve you, I did. Are you trying to say all white girls look the same? Who’s racist now? b) I gave her her food first because it was on the edge of the tray and I’ve already reached my allowance for dropping stuff this week.”  But alas, I didn’t get to say either of those.  Then, the white lady and the other black lady ask for a cup of juice for the baby.  I say sure and proceed to ask the mother what type of juice.  The first lady pipes in and says “yeah, get it for the little white baby”.  As opposed to all the other invisible babies at the table?! Why do you have to point out the race of the baby when you could just say “the baby” and I’d know exactly who you were talking about?!  I am not a racist, I just hate all stupid people, the color of your skin is your own problem.  Oh, and guess which half of the table tipped me better?  And they wonder why they are stereotyped….

Fine Line Between Genius and Insanity

It is often said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity.  I tend to straddle it  on a regular basis.  Although, it has occurred to me that, while being incredibly intelligent, I’ve never really done anything that could be considered truly genius.  This would imply that perhaps I fall slightly more to the “insane” side than I would like to believe.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  I tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  I could just be stupid, but then that would counter my previous statement about being smart.  So the only answer is that I am possibly insane.  Only thing is, insane people don’t question their sanity.  So by that logic, I couldn’t possibly be insane.  Perhaps just a little bit crazy.  All girls are at least a little bit crazy.  They even have a technical term for it- PMS.  So while I may not be truly genius or truly insane, I suppose I am still a girl.

Just Start Livin, That’s the Next Thing on My List

In case you were wondering, Daytona was awesome.  I had such a blast.  I was excited like a kid who can’t sleep because he knows he’s going to Disney World in the morning.  I probably never would have made plans to go to a race before.  Not that I disliked it, just was never really my thing.   Needless to say it wasn’t something on my list… but it is something I can now add to my list of things I’ve done.  I’m so glad I got to do it.  Not only was it one of the biggest races of the year, it turned out to be an exciting and record breaking one too!  And I got to experience all of it!  I would definitely do it again.

All the crazy whirlwind of how fast all this happened got me thinking.  Yes, I have a list of things I’d like to do.  But there are so many more things I’d be excited to do that I could never possibly even think of.  I have decided that I will just take as many opportunities as life throws at me.  I will put my self in a position to receive more opportunities too (i.e. enter more contests and make as many friends as possible, because you never know where they will take you!)  I’m going to try and have a new philosophy on life, I’ll take whatever it throws my way.  I put up with a lot of stuff last year, and I feel like I am finally catching a break now.  Sometimes you just have to wait it out.  And while one thing might not work out as you had hoped, in some twisted way it will eventually lead you to something better.  This is my theory.  Remind me of this when I start to b**ch and moan about my life again.

Off to the Races!!!!

So, I previously wrote a blog about how it’s funny how life sometimes works out even when you think everything is going all wrong.  And how everything happens for a reason.  Well, after going to bed at 4 am, I get a call this morning at 8 am from a local radio station.  I had entered a bunch of different contests on their website.  I won one of them.  A really good one.  That many people would kill, or at least pay a lot of money, for.  I won tickets to the Daytona 500 and meet and greet passes to meet Brad Paisley there.  I almost didn’t take them because I had to work and didn’t know about driving there.  Luckily, my awesome friends and family knocked that sense right back into me.  Then I was worried about losing out on money not working… and thirty minutes later work called and asked me to come in.  Then I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get my shift covered to go to the race.  But since I did them a favor…. they said they’d make it happen.  I had a guest offer me a lot of money for them…. I almost said yes.  I’m glad I didn’t.  I could always use the money, but I don’t NEED it.  I’d regret not going more.  The opportunity of a life time, so I’m told.  Plus, everything happens for a reason.  For some reason, I am meant to go to this race, and I will not be tempted otherwise.  I may die by the time I get back (working 14 hours today and tomorrow, driving over at 4 am, and coming back to work another 12 hours) but I figure that will all work itself out as well.  Now if only I could resolve the issue of who to take with me….  I have about 15 hours to decide.  Start the clock…. and they’re off!

What’s in an IQ?

Somehow I got to chatting with a friend about IQ scores.  I don’t generally share mine with people because I learned at an early age that it’s generally the smart kid’s that get picked on.  I learned at a later age that sometimes people are intimidated by my intelligence… especially boys.  I personally don’t care what other people’s are.  I think everyone I know is smart in one way or another, if you weren’t I probably wouldn’t talk to you as I have no patience for truly stupid people.

It can be fun to try and guess people’s though.  You’d be surprised.  Some of the smartest people you would never think are so smart.  (Apparently this is often the case with me.  I have a theory that the higher one’s IQ, the ditsier one tends to be… I may as well go blonde!)  In any case, if you ever wanted to know what IQs mean, I found a nice little website here.  Let’s just say mine is in the “genius or near genius” range….

In any case, I was tested when I was five or six, and I feel like since I finished school I have gotten dumber.  Perhaps my knowledge base has merely shifted.  I may not remember all the mathematical equations or grammatical structures I once knew, but I have since learned how to change my oil, put up a wall, make a drink, etc.  Well I learned how to do a lot of these things in theory, some of them the actual performing part is still a little tricky.  Drinking all those drinks I make probably doesn’t help.

Crazy Random Happenstances

I don’t usually write about too personal of things on here because: a) let’s face it, no one really cares and b) I don’t want to cause any trouble or stir up any drama by throwing anyone under the bus.  That being said, I feel I need to get a little personal to tell you how I have realized the rediculous and crazy way life works out regardless of your plans…

It started a few weeks ago when I got a sudden influx of self-confidence and general “throw caution to the wind” attitude.  I went out on a mission.  The same mission I’m sure any girl who has been single a little too long and had a little too much to drink might go on.  Needless to say, I met one guy one night, got hit on by a semi-famous guy the next, and rekindled a bit of an old flame the next.  Then I start panicking about what to do about them all.  So to help me out, life starts eliminating them for me… one lives to far away and is generally out of reach.  Down to two.  Both of them kind of fickle.  A week later I go out to meet one of them, but he has to bail.  So I do my thing- which apparently acts as a magnent even when I don’t want it to.  I turn down a lot of creeps that night.  Then one won’t take no for an answer.  Thinking I’ll probably never hear from him again, I give him my number and lo and behold, he’s the one I talk to the most!

I don’t tell you all this to hurt anyone, and I promise you I’m really not a floozie- they just kind of flock to me all at once (where was everybody for the six months I had no one!?!?)  I still hold to the fact that life puts each and every person in your path for a reason.  Even if only to teach you one small lesson.  And it seems the people I meet are never for the reasons I think!  It never ceases to amaze me the curve-balls life continues to throw.

It Really Grinds My Gears When…

I was watching T.V. the other night and a news clip about the “World Champion Green Bay Packers” came on.  I’m sorry, but when did the WORLD begin participating in the NFL?  Last I checked, the Super Bowl was only open to American NFL teams.  Therefore, the Packers are not “World Champions”, they are National Champions, at best.  Spain is the current World Champion.  Although I suppose it really depends on which sport you are talking about (I choose to use the “other” football here, since it is the closest comparison).  I’d like to call the network that said this (I think it was ABC?) and correct them on their false advertising.  The English language has clearly gone to the birds nowadays.

Waxing Philosophical

One of my friends today made a joke about the age old question- which came first, the chicken or the egg?  I say they came at the same time, there was either a chicken in the egg or an egg in the chicken.   This is my over thinking logical side coming out again.   You know the other quintessential question: is the glass half empty or half full?  I say it’s all the way full, whatever’s not filled with liquid is filled with air!  This does not make me an optimist.  In fact, I am quite the pessimist.  I really wonder what a psychologist would say about my answers though.  I reckon it would be somewhere along the lines of: “you think too much”.  In this day and age, that’s a bad thing.

My Head is a Jukebox!

Ever get a song stuck in your head and you don’t even know why because you haven’t heard it in days?!?  Sometimes I wonder if it’s just your mind being slow, or if maybe the songs are subconsciously telling you something… either way, I’ve had the most random assortment of songs stuck in my head the past few days…

About a week ago, I had “One Jump Ahead” from Aladdin stuck in my head.  A couple days ago, I had three songs stuck in my head throughout the night, first was one of my favorites…

Then I had Reba stuck in my head (probably because it was on the radio on my way to work)…

Then, a song I only know because a few certain friends play it all the time….


Finally, yesterday, someone mentioned bearclaws, and like any true nerd, the first thing that came to my mind was Weird Al “NOOOOOo We’re outta Bearclaws!”


Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my crazy mind!


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