Life Can Be Like A Musical

I just added something to my bucket list today.  #34 on there, be part of a flash mob.  I originally got the idea from a scene in the show Weeds where there’s an awesome flash mob…

and then today I saw a video of this recent local flash mob….

I think the idea of just randomly breaking out into dance to make other people smile is awesome.  Plus, who doesn’t wish life was like a musical where everyone randomly breaks out into song and choreographed dance numbers?!?!?!?


I’ve Got a Pocketful of Sunshine

Today is officially the first day of spring.  Which in Florida means it’s just as hot as summer but doesn’t rain every day yet.  And apparently all of facebook is enjoying this gorgeous weather at Caddy’s on the beach. (No joke, half my facebook friends are there right now!)  I, however, am not.  Because, like every absolutely gorgeous day, I have to go to work.  My next day off, will probably rain, just wait.  That being said, I have learned to enjoy the weather in the small ways that I can.  Walking the dog an extra time or two.  Or, my favorite simple pleasure in life- rolling down the windows, cranking up a good poppy tune, and waving my hand out the window as I drive down the highway trying to forget, if only for a minute, that I am on my way to a long night of work.

In true fashion of my blog, here’s a nice little playlist to help bring some sunshine to your day!

And one of my all time favorite summer songs…

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