The “Show Me” State

After spending almost the past week in Branson/Springfield, MO, I must say I’m slightly disappointed.  There’s not much to do.  You can see three shows a day, at $30 a pop, but I fall asleep halfway through the second one!  You can shop, but its more expensive for the same crappy stuff you can get anywhere.  There’s a theme park (huzzah!) but it has about as many rides as Busch Gardens and then is filled up with more expensive shops.  There are hills and cliffs and caves, but they drive you through all of them.  And the one thing I wanted to do- line dance- there’s no where to go and do it!  Now maybe its because I am at the mercy of my grandparents, who prefer to be spectators, but there’s not much to actually DO in Missouri.  Which is probably a good thing because I’m not so sure that the “Do Me” state would go over well in this Bible belt!


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