Reasons I Should Not be Left by Myself

Regardless of the fact that I like to think I yearn for honest human interaction, I find myself spending more and more time alone.  I have started having conversations in my head with myself (okay, I’ve always had those, but at least they used to be with imaginary friends!)  This is the conversation I just had in my head while cleaning my floors…

-People need to start taking off their shoes when they come in…

-Yes, but then the place will smell like stinky feet!

-Good, then the stinky feet smell can over power the dog pee smell.  I’m less embarrassed by stinky feet smell than dog pee smell.  Stinky feet is not something you can really help, you just come like that.  Dog pee is totally your own fault for failing to train/walk/crate your dog properly.  Stinky feet is genetic, dog pee is just crappy parenting.  It’s kind of like, if your kid turns out gay, oh well, nothing you could do.  But if they turned out to be a serial rapist, well then you failed as a parent and should probably be castrated.

#ReasonsIShouldNotbeLeftAlone … or … #ReasonsIShouldNotCleanMyHouseAlone.

Dear Love

Dear Love,

It was very nice meeting you the other day, but now I am sad that you had to go away.  Our time together was much too short, I dare say.  I searched my whole life for you, I wrote about you as a child.  It seems a cruel twist of fate I find you now, when it is too late.  I hope to see you again someday, preferably before I am old and gray.  I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t pray, for another twist of fate to bring us back together.  But our luck doesn’t work that way, remember?

I work so hard to find you and keep you, and I lose you still, I wonder why I even bother, I doubt if you ever will.

Sometimes I wonder, if I’ll ever see you again, Love.  And even if I do, will it ever be the same?  I’ll always remember how it was before you never even called me by my name.

Until we meet again, Love, I hope you’ll remember me here all alone.  I hope you’ll return one day and stay and then I can finally be at home.

Yours Truly,


Quick and Shameless Self-Promotion

I like to think my blog slowly gains hits (and when I say slowly, I mean tortuga!)  I’m not sure whether they are from friends or strangers as few tend to leave comments.  It is also noticed that while I love my blog posts (and see them as probably the more interesting to read),  I can’t help but feel my poetry, which was the original purpose of my blog, goes unnoticed.  I do not post them in the main blog feed as I consider them more fixed than fleeting thoughts and events.  And they have proven themselves consistently relevant time and again.  In any case, they can be found at the top of the page under “POETRY” and are listed in chronological order, though the chronology spans over a decade!  Anywho, they’re there, so read them if you like.  K, thanks.

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