A Simple Prayer

Dear God, I know it's been a while since I've prayed,
But I say things to you almost everyday.
Let me start by trying to be selfless,
Lest to pettier things I digress.

Of friends and family lost this year,
Let not suffer those which held them dear.
Lessen the pain in friends with disease, 
And keep safe those serving overseas.

Protect my house, and those which dwell in it,
For there remains a light which is always lit.
And leave me a light too, if you would,
For I know I don't always do as I should.

And last, if it's not too much to ask,
I pray you lead me in one final task --
To find a love that's lasting and true,
And provide me hope to carry me through.

I hope this request is not too selfish,
And that it's not the one that you dismiss.
I'm sure others ask the same, time and again,
But in Your name I pray, please and thanks, Amen.

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