Not Yet Independence Day

In one of my many online classes, someone (who had lived all over Europe before going to college in the US) brought up a very good point about cultural differences.  In most places in Europe, as a kid/teenager she pointed out that you can independently take your bike, bus, or train to go places.  The older you get, the farther you can venture.  In most places in the US, however, this is not the case.  She came to the US and felt helpless and stuck.  In the US, we have carpools and soccer moms.  There is hardly any independence anywhere until you get a driver’s license (then possibly too much independence!).  From what I have seen in children lately, it gets worse and worse.  Kids nowadays don’t seem to know how to do anything on their own.  It is my recent experience that this critical lesson in independence (and common sense!) translates into adulthood as well… or maybe it’s just a generational thing…..


It Really Grinds My Gears When…

I was watching T.V. the other night and a news clip about the “World Champion Green Bay Packers” came on.  I’m sorry, but when did the WORLD begin participating in the NFL?  Last I checked, the Super Bowl was only open to American NFL teams.  Therefore, the Packers are not “World Champions”, they are National Champions, at best.  Spain is the current World Champion.  Although I suppose it really depends on which sport you are talking about (I choose to use the “other” football here, since it is the closest comparison).  I’d like to call the network that said this (I think it was ABC?) and correct them on their false advertising.  The English language has clearly gone to the birds nowadays.

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