Well I may have, or be well on my way to, checking some more things off my list!  #1 (Stand Under a Waterfall)- it’s hard to say whether or not I can quite mark this off yet… when I wrote it I intended it to mean a huge, natural waterfall in a jungle or something.  Technically, however, the little waterfall by the slides at Adventure Island counts as standing under a waterfall.  Perhaps I shall consider it half done.  As far as “dancing in a competition or performance” or “acting in a tv show/movie/play” I will consider these half done as well.  I danced in a small bar competition which will hopefully lead me to dancing in a music video.  I also appeared in a music video as an extra in a crowd.  So neither of these roles earn my name in the credits, but then again, I never specified that they had to.

I also expect that I will be crossing a few other things off my list after my vacation in a few weeks, so alas, progress is being made… even if it is towards nothing!

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