Bucket List Update

You may recall a post where I added things to my bucket list once I started working on ships (this one). I can now say, that after my last contract I have accomplished the following things on my bucket list…

Hike up a mountain – I’ve hiked a few all over the world, but I have yet to hike to the summit, so I can only halfway cross this off…
Swim with dolphins – Would like to try it in a natural setting, not a giant swimming pool
Horseback ride in water
Horseback ride bareback – have to to ride them in the water!
Stand under a waterfall – I visited/climbed 4 of them in 4 different countries!
Ride a camel – I did this in two countries: Jamaica and Tunisia!
See Mayan ruins
Pub Crawl (in a foreign city) – I went on an awesome one in London!
Visit the Ice Bar – Went to the original one in Stockholm, but apparently there are better ones elsewhere, perhaps this will stay on my list for now ūüėČ

These two were done in my last contract….
-Lumberjack show
-Help in a beach cleanup

I have also now danced in other countries, stayed in a hostel, and had an understandable conversation with someone in another language (they understand my French in Tunisia!)

I also thought of a few new things to add to my list as my new itineraries open up more possibilities….

  • Attend a concert in a cave
  • Tour “Wine Country” in California
  • See wild kangaroos and koalas
  • Experience a “White Night”
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Visit all 7 continents
  • Go to a “swim-up” bar
  • Visit an Egyptian pyramid
  • Attend a Carnaval celebration
  • Visit all the Disneylands
  • Participate in a Flash Mob
  • Ride an elephant

I know I will get to cross a few of these off soon as my next journey takes me to the top of the world and then over to Asia!


Well I may have, or be well on my way to, checking some more things off my list! ¬†#1 (Stand Under a Waterfall)- it’s hard to say whether or not I can quite mark this off yet… when I wrote it I intended it to mean a huge, natural waterfall in a jungle or something. ¬†Technically, however, the little waterfall by the slides at Adventure Island counts as standing under a waterfall. ¬†Perhaps I shall consider it half done. ¬†As far as “dancing in a competition or performance” or “acting in a tv show/movie/play” I will consider these half done as well. ¬†I danced in a small bar competition which will hopefully lead me to dancing in a music video. ¬†I also appeared in a music video as an extra in a crowd. ¬†So neither of these roles earn my name in the credits, but then again, I never specified that they had to.

I also expect that I will be crossing a few other things off my list after my vacation in a few weeks, so alas, progress is being made… even if it is towards nothing!

Ah, Sweet? Memories

I should be sleeping to try and kick my cold, but I have once again been distracted. ¬†I was going to put something away and what should I come¬†across¬†but my old journal (I would say diary but that sounds so sixth grade!) ¬†Naturally, I had to start reading it. ¬†It starts a few months into my first semester at college. ¬†It’s amazing how you tend to forget the bad things. ¬†Which, actually, might explain why I don’t remember most of college. ¬†Not that college was really that bad, but at the time I felt it was. ¬†It was mainly just lonely.

In any case, I digress. ¬†It goes on to talk about closure with the guy I loved all through high school… what I want my house to have when I grow up (I must say, I got about half of it!) ¬†… ¬†my whirlwind decision to run for and become Circle K District Treasurer (another chapter of my life I’d almost forgotten!) ¬†… and of course it constantly recounts my ever persistent boy troubles (some things never change!) ¬†But, despite all of that, is what I found next… my “List of Things to Do Before I Die”.

As far as I know, this is the first written list I have made of this type. ¬†I chose to write about it because, while it is quite short, I have accomplished many of the things on it. ¬†In my previous post I was somewhat¬†despondent¬†¬†at having not accomplished anything I wanted to. ¬†Perhaps I set my goals to high? ¬†This discovery gave me some strange sort of hope again. ¬† So here is my earliest list…

  • live in a foreign country for at least 6 weeks
  • visit Hawaii (done in the summer of 2005 or 2006?)
  • graduate college cum laude (I actually one up-ed myself and graduated MAGNA cum laude)
  • publish a book of my poems and art
  • perform at least one line in a professional play/movie/tv show
  • get married
  • have a kid
  • learn Spanish (well I do know a good deal more than I did before…)
  • become fluent in French (judged by my attempt to write in French, I feel like I have digressed in this goal)
  • own my home (closed on my house in Feb 2009!)
  • take a road trip (depends how you define road trip…)
  • see the west coast of the U.S. (I will be doing this in less than two months and I am sooooooo excited!)
I know it probably means nothing to anyone but me, but it is always encouraging to really see all that you have accomplished, especially in such times of stagnation.

Not on “The List”

So, in going over my “bucket list”, I realized that, while I have done many awesome things this year (Daytona 500, Laser Tag Rave, Paint Party, etc.) I have not really done much of anything that was actually ON the list. ¬†I did dance on a bar (that was never officially on the list, but has always been on the list in my head…in fact, I shall put it on the list just so I can cross it off). ¬†I also steered a sort-of boat in Missouri. ¬†It was actually a “duck”, and I steered it the way one might say they steered the boat on the Jaws ride… so does that count? ¬†I think I need to edit my list to include some things I might be more likely to actually DO! ¬†So, list re-writing… COMMENCE!

In the mean time, I also realized that it has been a while since I made a playlist for you.  So to fix that, I give you the two country songs that any dancer/musician/lover should appreciate even if they do not like country




I also give you this which keeps randomly popping into my head…


And this, because it was stuck in my head this morning…

…welcome to the chaos that is my mind!

Most Memorable Memories in Life Were Once a Crazy Random Happenstance

A few months ago, I wrote a post about some of my favorite “things” (which were actually more like memories). ¬† Most of these things were not planned, they kind of just happened. ¬†I feel like sometimes someone pushes us to go somewhere because that is where we are supposed to be. ¬†A couple months later, I wrote a post about opening myself up to more unexpected opportunities that could turn into these types of memories. ¬†(P.S. Links to both of those posts are contained within the text!) ¬†I would like to update and expand on both these posts to show that I am somewhat, slowly but surely, allowing myself to take such opportunities.

I would  like to add to my list of favorite memories the Bikini Laser Tag Rave (yes you read that correctly) I attended because I happened to accept a free ticket to a Tampa Bay Storm Game where one of my friends happened to be reading a newspaper that had an article for an event happening the following night which I just happened to have off.  I had always wanted to attend a rave since high school, and this was a good, clean opportunity to do so.  And it was a blast.  I danced until dawn, made new friends, got a free photo shoot, and listened to some great music.  I would also like to add to my favorites list my two recent trips to Daytona.  Both were fairly random and last minute and ended up being tons of fun!  First was the Daytona 500 in February, which I would never have thought to go to until I won tickets and had a blast (and met Brad Paisley).  Second was a mini beach vacation with a friend that seemed to be just what the doctor ordered to add new life to my other wise busy schedule and just happened to fall on my two days off.  So yes, late night road trips, drinking all day, and good music with family and friends.  Sounds like a winning combination to me!

The moral of this post, and a few of my others, is that you never know what life has waiting around the corner. ¬†You can plan all the trips you want, but, at the end of the day, the most memorable ones are the ones you weren’t expecting. ¬†I figure I get particular days off for a reason, meet particular people for a reason, and end up in particular places for a reason. ¬†I may not yet know that reason, but I’m pretty sure part of it is to have fun and enjoy life!

Just Start Livin, That’s the Next Thing on My List

In case you were wondering, Daytona was awesome. ¬†I had such a blast. ¬†I was excited like a kid who can’t sleep because he knows he’s going to Disney World in the morning. ¬†I probably never would have made plans to go to a race before. ¬†Not that I disliked it, just was never really my thing. ¬† Needless to say it wasn’t something on my list… but it is something I can now add to my list of things I’ve done. ¬†I’m so glad I got to do it. ¬†Not only was it one of the biggest races of the year, it turned out to be an exciting and record breaking one too! ¬†And I got to experience all of it! ¬†I would definitely do it again.

All the crazy whirlwind of how fast all this happened got me thinking. ¬†Yes, I have a list of things I’d like to do. ¬†But there are so many more things I’d be excited to do that I could never possibly even think of. ¬†I have decided that I will just take as many opportunities as life throws at me. ¬†I will put my self in a position to¬†receive¬†more opportunities too (i.e. enter more contests and make as many friends as possible, because you never know where they will take you!) ¬†I’m going to try and have a new philosophy on life, I’ll take whatever it throws my way. ¬†I put up with a lot of stuff last year, and I feel like I am finally catching a break now. ¬†Sometimes you just have to wait it out. ¬†And while one thing might not work out as you had hoped, in some twisted way it will eventually lead you to something better. ¬†This is my theory. ¬†Remind me of this when I start to b**ch and moan about my life again.

Remembering a Few of My Favorite Things

You all know the song- “These are a few of my favorite things”- which somehow became a Christmas song, which is why I started thinking about some of my favorite things.¬† And it hit me that most of my favorite THINGS aren’t really THINGS at all, but rather ACTIONS.¬† I thought of some of my most memorable times in my conscious memory- most of them included multiple of my favorite “things”.

These are really in no particular order…

  • Church ski trip in high school and stopping at the first rest stop that had snow to have a snowball fight.
  • Fun ‘n’ Sun concert 2009, a day full of sun, beer, friends, and live country.
  • Seaworld beer school and Halloween Horror Nights 2008 and singing karaoke in the queues entertaining all the drunks.
  • Walking in to TGIFridays on my 23rd birthday to find all my friends waiting there to surprise me.
  • Easter 2009- drinking games on Clearwater Beach followed by a nice nighttime swim/hot tub party.
  • Islands of Adventure with 8 of my good friends and just being generally goofy.
  • Eighth grade Epcot trip where we got to play a murder mystery game and see N’Sync perform Christmas songs live in a small intimate concert.
  • Swing dancing to Flogging Molly live on the side of a hill in 50 degree weather.
  • Attending a “Bal du Pompier” in Paris for Bastille Day in 2003.

And of course there are numerous “This one time at Busch Gardens/Dallas Bull/Castle …” moments- which were almost all awesome, but the things you do regularly tend not to stand out as much (or I’d be listing my whole life on here!)

The ultimate example I can think of for describing to you my favorite things is….

Drinking Guinness and line dancing to live music inside an Irish pub inside a theme park with one of my best friends. Ultimate win. ¬†I’m pretty sure the only thing that would make this better would be adding ¬†“…in another country” to the end of it. ¬†But my goal will be to top it.

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