Much Overdue Updates

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, I’ve been so focused on my travel blog (ABC TravelEye). I thought about this blog today though, when another “playlist” popped into my head.  Surprisingly, it hasn’t changed much from the one I made three years ago. But first, an update on my bucket list.

In the past two years, I have crossed numerous things off my list, some I didn’t even have on it.

  • I have made progress on my continents, by visiting South America and Antarctica, only Australia left to go!
  • I made progress on my Disneylands by visiting Tokyo and Hong Kong Disney parks.  Then they went and opened one in Shanghai, so still two to go!
  • I have ridden numerous animals, including Camels, Horses, an Ostrich, Elephants, Dolphins, and a Yak.  So I guess that’s a thing of mine.
  • Dancing happened. I learned how to Tango, and did it a few times in Argentina.  I also salsa danced in Peru, swing danced in London, and two-stepped in Ft. Worth, TX.  And I danced on a few mountain sides, so I guess that’s also my thing.
  • I did a multi-day trek in the Himalayas (something I hadn’t even dreamed of before!)  It wasn’t the summit of the mountain, but it was the highest mountain pass traversable by foot – at over 5400m high!  Next, Kilimanjaro….
  • I also reached my dream of spending more than a couple weeks in another country by spending five weeks in Scotland and six weeks in Nepal.  Still want to move somewhere new (but not there).
  • I managed to shop for shoes in Quebec in French and in Chile in Spanish – language win!
  • O yeah, and I got a new job, again.

So yeah, needless to say, you can see why I’ve been too busy the past couple years to post!


It Could Always Be Worse…

I haven’t written anything in a while.  Partially because my computers keep crashing.  Partially because I’m just too lazy.  Partially because I’m not sure I have anything worth while to say.  It would seem that very few people actually care what I have to say.  And to those of you who do, or who at least whole-heartedly pretend to, thank you.

People have told me a lot lately that I’m not the same bubbly person I usually am.  Unfortunately most of those people haven’t know be long enough to know that this is who I was most of my life.  Almost everything I even try to say someone either ignores, cuts me off, or makes fun of me for as soon as I say it.  So really, why would I talk?  I guess I’ve just given up.  I figure if somebody wants to hear something from me, they will ask.  This is the policy I followed for years so what’s wrong with it now?

Funny thing is, if you cared enough about a person to pay attention to them, really, you would realize these things without even having to ask them what’s wrong.

They say this is a year of testing.  And that very soon we will be rewarded.  Well I most certainly have been and continue to be tested.  And I see no reward in sight.  Following what as been one of the most difficult years of my life- emotionally, financially, and everythingelsely- I seem to be struggling just to keep my head above water.  And even now i am quickly drowning.  It only logically follows that I would not be so bubbly.  It’s what happens when you are worn out, tired, beat down, and simply complacent with everything life continues to throw at you.  After a certain point you have to just say “whatever” because pretty soon life will throw something ten times worse at you.  So if you stop caring now, you can brace yourself for what is next.  Life is just a series of struggles- each one seeming worse than the last and yet you know not as bad as it could be.  A good motto for life- it could always be worse.

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